37.0222 Lease of native land for schools.

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(a) Any person, corporation, organization, society, or association may lease, for school purposes, so much native land as is actually necessary for such purposes for a period of not more than 30 years, with a right to provide in the lease for any number of renewals thereof for a like period; provided, that such lease, and the renewals thereof, shall be approved by the Governor of American Samoa, that the school conducted on such leased premises shall be subject to governmental supervision, and that such instruction in the English language as the Governor may direct shall be given regularly in such school.

(b) Unless a school is conducted upon such leased premises within one year from the approval of such lease, or if, for any period of 2 years after the date of its approval no school is conducted thereon, the Governor may cancel such lease and the land shall immediately revert to the native lessor.

History: 1949 Code § 1288; readopted 1980, PL 16-88 §§ 1,2; 1982, PL 17-31 §§ 1,2.