4.0301 Required departments.

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(a) There are, within the Executive branch of the territorial government, the following departments:

(1) a department of legal affairs;

(2) a department of health;

(3) a department of public works;

(4) a department of education;

(5) a department of agriculture;

(6) a department of administrative services;

(7) a department of port administration;

(8) a department of local government;

(9) a department of public safety;

(10) a department of parks and recreation;

(11) a department of human resources;

(12) a department of treasury;

(13) a department of marine and wildlife resources;

(14) a department of commerce;

(15) a department of human and social services;

(16) a department of youth and women’s affairs; and

(17) a department of homeland security.

(b) Each department has such responsibilities as are prescribed by law or assigned by the Governor.

History: 1962, PL 7-28; 1965, PL 9-25; amd 1976, PL 14-31; amd 1979, PL 16-39; amd 1980, PL 16-55 § 6; 1987, PL 20-14 § 1; PL 20-29 § 1; 1988 PL 20-62; amd 1997 PL 25-4, 2008, PL 30-35.

Amendments: 1976 Substituted department of health” for “department of medical services”, and “department of administrative service” for “department of administration services”.

1979 Added provision that the departments were within the executive branch, added department of public safety, and divided section into 2 subsections.

1980 Added paragraph (a) (10).

1987 Public Law 20-14: added paragraph (a) (11). Public Law 20-29: capitalized the word “executive”; added “the” before “territorial government;” added paragraph (a) (12).

Reviser’s Comment: Section 2 of PL 16-39. provided:

The office of public safety, administratively created, is abolished and such functions as are assigned by law are transferred to the department of public safety. Wherever the words “office of public safety” appear in the Code, the words ‘department of public safety” or “department”, if appropriate, are substituted.