4.0418 Prohibitions.

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(a) The Territorial Auditor and the managers may not;

(1) become a candidate for elective public office;

(2) hold any other public office, by appointment or otherwise, except for appointments on governmental advisory boards or study commissions or as otherwise expressly authorized by law;

(3) be actively involved in the affairs of a political party;

(4) actively participate in a political campaign for a public office;

(5) hold a legal, equitable, creditor or debtor interest in a partnership, firm, or other entity which contracts with the territorial audit office during his term of office;

(6) have a direct or indirect financial or economical interest in the transaction of an agency audited by the territorial audit office during his term of office (written disclosure of any such interest and formal disqualification from participation in a post audit involving that agency may constitute compliance with this paragraph if the interest is either insubstantial or results directly from an interest held before assuming the position in the territorial audit office);

(7) conduct or supervise a post audit of any agency for which he was responsible or by which he was employed or with which he contracted during the preceding two years; or

(8) make or report publicly any charges of nonfeasance, misfeasance or malfeasance in office of a public official or illegal conduct of a person unless he knows of reasonable grounds, based on accepted auditing and accounting standards, for such charges.

(b) A violation of this section is cause for removal from office.

History: 1985, PL 19-21 § 1.