4.0704 Program manager–Supportive services.

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(a) A program manager shall be recruited and hired pursuant to government procedure to manage the school-to-work program for the Territory. It is the primary duty of the program manager to facilitate the implementation and operation of the school-to-work program pursuant to policies, plans, and actions of the council and program director. The program manager or his designee must attend council meetings and is responsible for providing council members with pertinent information concerning matters scheduled for the council’s review.

(b) Basic support services for the school-to-work program shall be provided by the employees of development and training division of the Department of Human Resources and supplemented by the Department of Education and American Samoa Community College. All government agencies are required to cooperate fully with the school-to-work program and to provide information, resources, and service needed by the program.

History: 1998, PL 25-40.