4.0706 Membership–President–Meetings.

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(a) The school-to-work partnership council consists of thirteen members who are appointed by the Governor to serve terms of three years each. To maintain perspective of the council’s mission, selection to the council membership should include individuals familiar with education to employment transition and committed to the achievement of the program objectives. For example, dedicated individuals from the following segments of the Territory should serve in the council: Legislature, women and youth office, community college, Department of Education-counseling and special projects divisions, private business sector, churches and the community at large, chamber of commerce, Department of Commerce, Department of Human Resources, Department of Public Works and parents and teachers associations.

(b) The officers of the council are elected pursuant to the council’s by-laws as approved.

(c) The council shall hold monthly meetings at a place and date designated by the program director. Special meetings of the council may be called as often as may deem necessary by the president or board.

History: 1998, PL 25-40.