4.1401.2 Advisory council for protection and advocacy.

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The office may:

(1) investigate incidents of abuse and neglect of the disabled, if the incidents are reported or if there is probable cause to believe that the incidents occurred;

(2) pursue legal, administrative and other appropriate remedies to ensure efficient services and the protection of the disabled’s rights;

(3) have access to service providers’ sites and records of the disabled;

(4) make and enter into all contracts and agreements necessary or incidental to the performance of its duties and the execution of its powers under this act, including but not limited to, contracts with the federal government and other agencies;

(5) to accept grants from the United States, the local government and agencies and instrumentalitiesk thereof, and any other sources, and to comply with conditions contained therein;

(6) collect, analyze, and disseminate information relating to the advocacy services and the rights of the disabled to the disabled, their families, service providers and the community at large;

(7) keep records necessary to monitor clients’ grievances, progress and performance of the service providers pertaining to clients; and

(8) in coordination with local government and service agencies, conduct briefings to improve services to the disabled, and to better protect their rights.

History: 1991, PL 22-9.