4.1402 Definitions.

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(a) The disabled individual has the following rights:

(1) right to appropriate treatment;

(2) right to an individualized written treatment or service plan;

(3) right to participate in planning his own program;

(4) right to refuse treatment or service plan;

(5) right to refuse to participate in experimentation;

(6) right to freedom from restrain or seclusion (except in case of valid emergency);

(7) right to a safe and sanitary environment;

(8) right to humane treatments;

(9) right to confidentiality;

(10) right to access to personal records;

(11) right to privacy;

(12) right to be properly informed upon admission to any facility or program;

(13) right to assert grievances; and

(14) right to referrals.

(b) Rights listed shall not be construed to replace or limit any other rights, benefits, or privileges, including statutory and regulatory due process rights and protections, to which a disabled person may be entitled.

History: 1991, PL 22-9.