41.0306 Registration forms.

(a) The Attorney General is authorized and directed to prepare forms for the registration and photographing of aliens. Such forms shall contain inquiries with respect to:

(1) the date and place of entry of the person in American Samoa;

(2) activities in which he has been and intends to be engaged;

(3) the length of time he expects to remain in American Samoa;

(4) the police and criminal record, if any, of such alien; and

(5) such additional matters as may be prescribed.

(b) The Attorney General may authorize immigration officers to record the following information regarding every person leaving or entering American Samoa: Names, age, sex; whether married or single; calling or occupation; whether able to read or write; nationality; country of birth; country of which citizen or subject; race; last permanent residence in American Samoa; intended future, permanent residence; and, if a United States citizen or national, the facts on which claim to that status is based.

History: 1984, PL 18-52 § 2.