41.0315 Identification card fees.

(a) The Immigration Office, within the Department of Legal Affairs, may charge certain fees in connection with applications, permits, cards and other general requirements under this title. Fees shall be submitted with any applicable formal applications or petitions prescribed in this chapter and shall be in the amount prescribed by law or rule.

(b) The Immigration Office may charge a fee for the issuance or renewal of identification cards. Such fees shall be known as “identification card fees.”

(c) A fifty percent (50%) setoff shall be established from identification card fees. Whenever an identification card fee is assessed, the fifty percent (50%) setoff shall be segregated into a separate account designated “ASG IMMIGRATION UPGRADE ACCOUNT,” which shall be administered by the Attorney General in conjunction with the Treasurer of American Samoa in accordance with Title 4, Chapter 05 of this code.

(d) Revenue deposited in the ASG Immigration Upgrade Account shall be expended solely for the purchase, maintenance or upgrade of the Immigration Office computer systems to include software, hardware and general office supplies or vehicles. Any revenues not expended for the foregoing purposes may be used for general purchases, equipment and supplies for the Office of the Attorney General.

(e) In no event shall the account exceed a total deposit amount of $50,000 annually. All revenues generated in excess of this annual amount shall be deposited in the general fund.

(f) For purposes of planning, in no event shall the account exceed a maximum total deposit amount of $150,000 for any three-year period, in accordance with the annual ceiling listed in (e) above.

(g) The revenue generated from the setoff created in (c) above is hereby appropriated by the Legislature to the Department of Legal Affairs subject to the provisions contained herein.

History: 2005, PL 29-11.