41.0405 Loss of permanent resident status.

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(a) Permanent residents may lose their status if they reside outside American Samoa for a period in excess of 6 months without authorization from the Attorney General.

(b) The Attorney General may revoke the permanent resident status of any non-American Samoan permanent resident if that person is:

(1) a convicted felon;

(2) a person who has been convicted of 2 or more crimes regardless of whether the conviction was in a single trial or whether the offense has arisen from a single scheme or misconduct and regardless of whether the offense involves moral turpitude;

(3) a person who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or admits committing acts which constitute the essential elements of such a crime: except a person who has committed one such crime while under the age of 18 years, unless the crime resulted in confinement in a prison or correctional institution; and

(4) a person who:

(A) is a prostitute;

(B) has engaged in prostitution;

(C) directly or indirectly procures, attempts to procure, or has attempted to procure or import persons for the purpose of prostitution or for any other immoral sexual purpose;

(D) is or has been supported by, or has received in whole or in part, the proceeds of prostitution; or

(E) is engaging in any other unlawful commercial vice whether or not it relates to prostitution.

History: 1984, PL 18-52 § 2; 2002, PL 27-28.