41.0409 Foreign investor entry permits.

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(a) The Attorney General or his designee, at his discretion, may issue to individual applicants for a certificate of foreign investment pursuant to section 27.2301 et seq., special entry permits. These permits allow unrestricted access into and departure from the Territory for a period of time set by the Attorney General of his designee not to exceed one year per permit.

(b) The special entry permit vests no rights in the holder to establish or attempt to establish citizenship, nationality or permanent residence in the Territory.

Applicants shall apply to the immigration office for issuance of the special entry permit and must provide proof or prior submission of or intent to immediately submit an application for a certificate of foreign investment pursuant to section 27.2601 et seq. The applicant must leave on the date of expiration of the entry permit and re-apply for a new entry permit. In no case may an entry permit extend more than 25 days beyond the calendar date of the statutory deadline for the final decision of the director on the application for a certificate of foreign investment.

(c) Any entry permit may include the spouse of an applicant and not more than 2 other persons whose skills or knowledge is necessary to the enterprise.

(d) Permits authorized under this section shall not be issued to applicants after the date of approval of a certificate of foreign investment. Persons must apply for permits for residence pursuant to the provisions of section 41.0801 et seq.

History: 1988, PL 20-56; amd 1991, PL 22-11.