41.0502 Entry requirements.

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(a) No person may enter American Samoa unless he complies with the following requirements:

(1) A national of the United States shall have a valid passport, travel document, or a certified birth certificate to demonstrate citizenship and have in his possession either:

(A) a round trip ticket to his point of origin or onward passage to a destination beyond American Samoa;

(B) proof of employment and assignment to American Samoa.

(2) Military personnel and their dependents must have valid military identification cards, official military orders or leave authorization form from their respective branch of the United States Military.

(3) A tourist or business person must:

(A) have in his possession a valid passport or other travel document issued by competent authority authorizing him to return to the country from which he came or to enter some other country: the passport or travel document should be valid at the time of entry, and should contain either a photograph or fingerprint of the holder;

(B) have in his possession a round-trip ticket to his point of origin or onward passage to a destination beyond American Samoa;

(C) comply with any current requirements of the public health officer;

(D) a tourist or business person may stay up to 30 days and with approval of the Attorney General or his designee may stay an additional 30 days; however, the filing of an application for an alien registration card pursuant to 41.0303 shall not entitle an alien arriving in American Samoa under subsection (D) to extensions of stay beyond 60 days after original entry into the Territory.

(4) All permanent residents of American Samoa, except members of the armed forces, must present proof of residence at the time of entry in such forms and in such manner as prescribed by the Board. Permanent residents who are members of the U.S. armed forces must have valid military identification documents with a certification by the military authority concerned that American Samoa is the home of record.

(5) All members of a crew of a vessel or aircraft in transit as certified by their employer may remain in American Samoa and must carry sufficient identification, so long as they remain a member of the crew, otherwise they must meet the other requirements of this section as applicable. Alien crew members that have terminated employment with their vessel or aircraft must depart the Territory for their countries of origin or otherwise.

(6) All government employees and their dependents must furnish proof of government employment and assignment to American Samoa.

(7) All other persons must furnish such documents as required by the Board unless otherwise provided herein.

(b) The Board may by regulation create such additional requirements for any of the categories set forth in subsection (a) as it finds necessary for the administration of this chapter.

(c) All persons are required to comply with the requirements of this chapter within 24 hours after arrival.

(d) All aliens must have valid identification with them at all times.

History: 1984, PL 18-52 § 2; amd 1988, PL 20-56; amd 2006, PL 29-23.