41.0509 Oaths, and taking of evidence, regarding entry.

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(a) The Attorney General and any immigration officer may administer oaths and take and consider evidence of or from any person concerning the privilege of any person he believes or suspects to be seeking to enter, pass through or reside in American Samoa, or concerning any matter which is material and relevant to the enforcement of this chapter, and, where action may be necessary, to make a written record of the evidence.

(b) Any person coming into American Samoa may be required to state under oath at any time the purpose or purposes for which he comes, the length of time he intends to remain in American Samoa, whether or not he intends to remain in American Samoa permanently, and any other items of information that will aid in determining whether he is entitled to remain in American Samoa.

History: 1984, PL 18-52 § 2.