41.0510 Arrest without a warrant.

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(a) Any immigration officer shall have power without warrant to interrogate any alien or person believed to be an alien as to his right to be or to remain in American Samoa.

(b) Any immigration officer may arrest without a warrant any alien who in his presence or view is entering or attempting to enter American Samoa in violation of any law or regulation made in pursuance of law regulating the admission, exclusion or expulsion of aliens, and may arrest any alien in American Samoa if he has reason to believe that the alien is in American Samoa in violation of any such law or regulation and is likely to escape before a warrant can be obtained for his arrest.

(c) The person making the arrest without a warrant in accordance with this section shall immediately thereafter make an affidavit and apply to a member of the Board for an order of arrest and commitment, until the Board’s next meeting, of the person under arrest.

History: 1984, PL 18-5 2 § 2.