41.0909 Issuance of guest worker permit.

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Guest worker permits may be issued only upon the satisfaction of the following requirements:

(1) That the sponsor presents a completed application for each guest worker to the Attorney General with a certification that it is unable to meet its employment requirements with individuals currently residing in American Samoa, and other information that the Attorney General by regulation may require;

(2) That the Attorney General examines and certifies to the Governor that he/she has reviewed each application, that the requirements of this chapter have been satisfied, and that the employment needs of the sponsor cannot be met with individuals residing in American Samoa;

(3) That the Governor has consented to the issuance of each permit and has reported to the Legislature of American Samoa for its review:

(A) The number of permits to be issued;

(B) That he has approved the issuance of such permits; and

(C) The circumstances under which they are issued.

History: 2007, PL 30-7.