43.0101 Clerk to fix High Court costs and fees.

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(a) The clerk of the High Court of American Samoa shall, with the approval of the Chief Justice, fix all fees for services, filing fees and other court costs assessed by the judicial branch in connection with services rendered and not otherwise provided for in this code; provided, however, that such fees shall be set in an amount which is reasonable, fair and just compensation for the service rendered, at least in part defrays the costs of such service, and does not exceed the actual costs of providing the service.

(b) The cost of a transcript of proceedings of any court hearing or trial shall be fixed at no more than the rate charged for transcripts in the United States district courts.

(c) The per day cost of any High Court hearing or trial shall not exceed $25 for a trial day of ordinary and usual length; an additional amount may be assessed for any time in excess thereof.

History: 1962, PL 7-36; 1966, PL 9-46