43.0103 Failure to pay fees or costs.

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(a) Failure to pay court costs due the government pursuant to a decree, judgment, or court order shall constitute a contempt for which the body of the person in default may in the court’s discretion be attached.

(b) No such attachment shall be ordered unless payment is more than 30 days overdue.

(c) Before ordering actual attachment of the body, the court may allow the delinquent such time as it may see fit within which to make payment.

(d) A person whose body has been attached, may be permitted to work out such costs by such labor as the Attorney General may assign him. The Attorney General shall make a return to the clerk of the High Court showing the number of days of labor performed, and the clerk of the High Court shall credit on the delinquent court costs $1 for each day of labor performed.

(e) The period of attachment for contempt under this section shall not exceed in days the number of dollars of delinquent court costs.

(f) During such period as labor may be performed pursuant to this section, the attached person shall be released from confinement.

(g) Payment by a person whose body has been attached shall entitle the person to release.

History: 1962, PL 7-36.