43.0903 Plaintiff’s bond.

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(a) Before a writ of attachment shall issue, the plaintiff shall execute and file with the clerk a bond or undertaking with a surety company or 2 or more sureties, to be approved by such clerk, in a sum at least double the amount for which the plaintiff demands judgment, and in no case less than $50 in a district court and $100 in the High Court, conditioned that the plaintiff will prosecute his action without delay, and will pay all costs that may be adjudged to the defendant and all damages defendant may sustain by reason of wrongful suing out of the attachment.

(b) No bond is required when the plaintiff is the government, any instrumentality thereof, the Development Bank of American Samoa, or the United States. No bond is required in a case in which the Attorney General, as the next friend of a Samoan, shall sue a non-Samoan. A Samoan, for the purposes of this subsection, is defined to be a person of one-half or more Samoan blood by descent.

History: 1962, PL 7-36.