43.0907 Manner of execution.

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The marshal to whom the writ is directed and delivered must execute the same without delay as follows:

(a) Real property or an interest therein shall be attached by filing in the office in which conveyances of the real property attached should be recorded, a copy of the writ of attachment, endorsed or affixed with the officer’s certificate stating that by virtue of the original writ of which such copy is a true copy, he has attached such real estate, or all of the interest of the defendant therein, describing the same with convenient certainty as the property of the defendant and naming the defendant. This subsection shall not, however, render any real property subject to attachment or execution, which by any other section of this code is made exempt therefrom.

(b) Personal property capable of manual delivery shall be attached by taking the same into custody.

(c) Stock in any corporation shall be attached by notifying the president, secretary, treasurer or managing agent of the corporation and also the defendant, if within American Samoa, that the stock has been so attached.

History: 1962, PL 7-36; readopted 1980, 16-88 § ; 1982, PL 17-31 § 1.