43.0917 Execution.

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If judgment is recovered by the plaintiff, the marshal shall satisfy the same out of the property attached by him which has not been delivered to the defendant or claimant or subjected to execution on another judgment recovered before the issuing of the attachment, by applying on the execution issued on the judgment the proceeds of all sales of perishable or other property sold by him or as much as shall be necessary to satisfy the judgment. If any balance remains due on the judgment, he shall sell under the execution so much of the property, real or personal, as may be necessary to satisfy the balance. Notices of sale at public auction shall be given by posting at the courthouse door and 2 other conspicuous places in the vicinity thereof for 2 weeks in case personal property is to be sold, and 4 weeks in case of real property. Approval of the court shall be necessary for sales of real property.

History: 1962, PL 7-36.