45.0303 Informal adjustment-Time limit.

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(a) Efforts to effect informal adjustment may extend no longer than 6 months.

(b) In any informal adjustment, the Court for its designated agency shall, during the period of informal adjustment, periodically counsel and guide the child and his parents, guardian, or legal custodian in a constructive manner designed to promote rehabilitation using the methods as provided in subsection (c) of 45.0502 as well as requiring any 1 or more of the conditions of probation that are authorized under 46.2205.

(c) No child may be handled by informal adjustment where the child referred to the Court by any person has had any sustained petition for delinquency in the preceding 12 months or has been handled by informal adjustment for a delinquent act in the preceding 12 months.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 19-3-101.