45.0318 Summons.

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If the parents, guardian, or other legal custodian of the child required to be summoned under 45.0313 cannot be found within the territory, the fact of the child’s presence in the territory shall confer jurisdiction on the court as to any absent parent, guardian, or legal custodian if due notice has been given in the following manner:

(a) When the residence of the person to be served outside the territory is known, a copy of the summons and petition shall be sent by certified mail with postage prepaid to the person at his place of residence with a return receipt requested. Service of summons is considered complete within 5 days after return of the requested receipt.

(b) When the person to be served has no residence within American Samoa, his place of residence is not known, or when he cannot be found within the territory after due diligence, service may be by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in American Samoa or by any other means authorized by the court.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1; 1990, PL 21-33.

Research Guide: CRS 19-3-103.