45.0360 Commitment to corrections bureau.

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(a) (1) When a child is committed to the Corrections Bureau, the Court, in a disposition as provided in 45.0354, transmits with the commitment order a copy of the petition, the order of adjudication, copies of the social study, any clinical or educational reports, and other information pertinent to the care and treatment of the child.

(2) The Bureau provides the Court with any information concerning a child committed to its care which the Court at any time may require.

(b) (1) A commitment of a child to the Bureau under 45.0350 is for an indeterminate period, but institutional placement may not exceed a total of 2 years as determined by the Bureau, except under paragraph (b)(3).

(2) The Bureau may petition the committing Court to extend the commitment for an additional period not to exceed 2 years. The petition sets forth the reasons why it would be in the best interests of the child or the public to extend the commitment. Upon filing the petition, the Court sets a hearing to determine whether the petition should be granted or denied and notifies all interested parties.

(3) Parole supervision of children committed to the Bureau under 45.0350 may not exceed 2 years as determined by the Parole Board, except under 45.1102.

(4) When it is brought to the attention of the Court that a child committed to the Bureau by the Court has been placed in an institution or other facility for a period exceeding 1 year without being considered for parole, the Court may request the Parole board to review the case.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 19-3-114