45.0432 Long term guardianships for minor children.

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(a) Notwithstanding any other section of law, in appropriate cases serving the best interests of a child, the Court may appoint a qualified person as the child’s guardian with such powers and custodial duties as set forth under 45.0103 (16) and (18), or either, as the Court may order. Guardianships established under this section continue until the child’s age of majority or earlier termination by the Court after a hearing conducted with due notice to all interested parties. An interested party may at any time, with cause, petition the Court to terminate the guardianship.

(b) An individual appointed as guardian or vested with legal custody of a child, or both, may not remove or allow the child to be removed from the Territory for more than thirty days without the prior approval of the Court.

(c) The Court may conduct periodic hearings on its own motion to review and monitor a guardianship authorized under this section.

History: 2010, PL 31-14 § 1.