45.0501 Juvenile probation office-Service agreements.

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(a) The High Court is authorized to establish a juvenile probation office.

(b) The High Court is also authorized to appoint juvenile probation officers and other professionals as may be required.

(c) (1) The High Court is authorized to enter into agreement with the Department of Health, other public agencies, private nonprofit agencies, or with other Courts to provide supervision or other services for children placed on probation by the Court.

(2) The conditions and terms of these agreements are set forth in writing, including any payments to be made by the Court for the services provided.

(3) Any agreement made under this subsection may be terminated upon 90 days written notice by either party.

History: 1980, PL, 16-71 § 1.

Case Notes:

Subsection (1): Legal termination available only when child has been neglected by one or both natural parents or is homeless. Three Minor Children, 3 A.S.R. 2d 4 (1986).

Research Guide: CRS 19-5, 101, 33 ASC 3.