45.1603 Hearing-Orders.

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(a) If, at the hearing, the Court finds that the respondent has an obligation to support the child or children mentioned in the petition, the Court may enter an order directing the respondent to pay sums for support that may be reasonable under the circumstances.

(b) If, at or before the hearing, the respondent waives his right to a hearing and stipulates to the entry of a support order, that stipulation may be presented to the Court. If the Court finds that the amount stipulated is reasonable under the circumstances, it may enter an order of support in accordance with the stipulation.

(c) The Court may enter a temporary support order, to remain effective pending a final disposition of the proceeding.

(d) The Court may modify an order of support upon proof of change in relevant, circumstances.

(e) Any order made under this chapter shall not be exclusive.

(f) The Court may assess the costs of the action as part of its order.

(g) In those cases brought for support of an illegitimate child or children, the Court may assess the costs of the action individually, or to both parties as a part of its order.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: CRS 19-7-103.