45.2011 Agency duties upon receipt of report.

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(a) The agency makes a thorough investigation promptly upon receiving either the oral or the written report. The primary purpose of the investigation is the protection of the child.

(b) The investigation shall include the nature, extent and cause of the child abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect; the identity of the person responsible; the names and conditions of other children in the home; an evaluation of the parents or persons responsible for their care; and all other pertinent data.

(c) The investigation includes a visit to the child’s home; a physical, and psychological, or psychiatric evaluation of all children in the home; and an interview with the subject child. If the admission to the home, school, or any other place that the child may be, or permission of the parent or other persons responsible for the children for the physical and psychological, or psychiatric evaluation cannot be obtained, then the Court, upon cause shown, orders the parents and persons responsible and in charge of any place where the child may be to allow entrance for the interview, above evaluations and investigations.

(d) If, before the evaluation is complete, the opinion of the investigators is that immediate removal is necessary to protect children from further abuse or neglect, the court, on petition by the investigators and with good cause shown, shall issue an order for temporary removal and custody.

(e) The agency shall make a written report or case summary, together with services of-fered and accepted, to the central registry on forms supplied by the registry.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1: amd 1988, PL 20-71.

Research Guide: 21 ASC 2907.