45.2031 Child abuse commission-Creation-Review.

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(a) In the event a child is taken from parents due to child abuse, the parents may appeal, within 10 days, by written notice of appeal, to the Child Abuse Commission. The Commission shall be appointed by the Governor: 1 member of the medical staff from the LBJ Tropical Medical Center; 1 member of the Attorney General’s staff; the Secretary of Samoan Affairs or his designee; 1 clergyman and the juvenile probation officer; and 2 members of the community at large.

(b) The Commission renders its decision in 5 days and may order other conditions or changes as it considers best for the child. The Commission may retain jurisdiction and review cases, from time to time, on a continuing basis. Decisions of the Commission are final for purposes of judicial review. Timely appeal to the Commission is a condition precedent to judicial review.

History: 1980, PL 16-71 § 1.

Research Guide: 21 ASC 2913.