46.1513 Juror qualification form.

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The Jury Commission shall prepare an alphabetical list of the names in the master jury wheel, which shall not be disclosed to any person other than pursuant to this chapter or specific order of the court. The Jury Commission shall mail to every name on such list a juror qualification form accompanied by instructions to fill out and return the form by mail to the clerk within 10 days after its receipt. The form shall be subject to approval by the court as to matters of form and shall elicit the name, address of resident, age of the prospective juror, other information pertinent to disqualification or exemption from jury service, and such other matters as may be ordered by the court. The form further shall contain the prospective juror’s declaration that his responses are true to the best of his knowledge and his acknowledgment that a willful misrepresentation of a material fact may be punished by a class B misdemeanor. Notarization of the juror qualification form shall not be required. If the prospective juror is unable to fill out the form, another person may do it for him and shall indicate that he has done so and the reason there for. Upon failure or refusal of any person duly receiving the juror qualification form to complete and return it as required, or in case of an omission, ambiguity, or error in a returned form, the court, after first summoning the person to appear before the clerk to complete or correct the form, may punish the person for contempt.

History: 1980, PL 16-70 § 1.