46.1806 Sentencing-Suspensions.

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(a) If a village court finds an accused guilty it may sentence the accused to the penalty provided in the village regulations. If permitted by the village regulations, the village court, upon conviction, may impose a fine not to exceed $100 or may require the accused to perform labor for the village under the supervision of the pulenu’u not to exceed 25 hours total or 8 hours in any day, or both.

(b) The court shall have the discretion to suspend sentences or impose lesser penalties than are provided in the village regulations but the court may not impose a penalty greater than that provided in the regulations.

(c) Fines shall be paid to the Clerk of the High Court.

History: 1969, PL l1-54; and 1979, PL 16-52§ 7.

Reviser’s Comment: This section, originally codified as 15 ASC 6401, was repealed by PL 16-43, and later amended by PL 16-52.