46.2523 Authority.

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(a) The Commissioner of Public Safety is responsible for the administration of the prisoner rehabilitative release program. He shall make periodic review of the rules and law governing the release program. As deem advisable he shall make appropriate changes to existing rules and law and he shall initiate the procedure required for the adoption of new rules and the enactment of additional law.

(b) The Warden of the Territorial Correctional Facility is responsible for the evaluation and approval, pursuant to the guidelines established in the chapter, applications submitted by inmates desiring to participate in the release program. He is also responsible for the supervision of the release program subject to any additional directive given by the Commissioner.

(c) The selection process employ by the warden must not violate federal and territorial law on discrimination. An inmate’s gender, race, religious conviction, or national origin shall not be a reason to deny participation in the release program if otherwise qualified.

(d) Before any release is authorized under the program the warden shall prepare written agreements to be executed by participating inmates in which the rules and policies of the program are clearly explained.

History: 1999, PL 26-5.