46.2528 Inmate earnings.

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The net earnings of each inmate participating in the rehabilitative release program shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit to the account of the inmate in a rehabilitative release account in the Territorial Treasury for the sole benefit of the inmate. Such wages may be disbursed or expended by the inmate for the following purposes and in the following order.

(a) The cost of the inmate’s keep in a halfway house as determined by section 46.2511 as a cost sharing contribution. Such money will be paid directly to the private institution pursuant to section 46.2512 halfway house funding;

(b) Court ordered support of inmate’s dependents, if any;

(c) Court-ordered restitution, if any;

(d) Contribution to any indemnification program established by law to aid victims of crime, provided the contribution must not be more than 10 percent of the gross wages;

(e) The balance shall be disbursed to the inmate.

History: 1999, PL 26-5