46.2706 Recommitment proceedings.

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(a) A warrant for the retaking of any American Samoan prisoner who has violated his parole may

be issued only by the board of a member of it and within the maximum term or terms for which he was sentenced.

(b) The unexpired term of imprisonment of that prisoner shall begin to run from the date he is returned to the custody of the Attorney General under the warrant.

(c) The time the prisoner was on parole shall not diminish the time he was sentenced to serve.

(d) Any police officer of American Samoa, to whom a warrant for the retaking of a parole violator is delivered, shall execute that warrant by taking the prisoner and returning him to the custody of the Attorney General.

(e) A prisoner retaken upon a warrant issued by the board shall be given an opportunity to appear before the board, a member of it, or an examiner designated by the board. The board may then, or at any time in its discretion, revoke the order of parole and terminate the parole or modify the terms and conditions of it.

(f) If an order of parole is revoked and the parole terminated, the prisoner may be required to serve all or any part of the remainder of the term for which he was sentenced.

History:1979, PL 16-43 § 2.

Research Guide: 28 ASC 406.