46.4221 License-Required when.

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(a) It is unlawful for any person, whether permanently or temporarily resident within American Samoa or whether on shore or on board any vessel, anchored, moored, or docked in any harbor in American Samoa, to have in his possession any arms without first having obtained a license therefor from the Commissioner of Public Safety.

(b) A license to possess arms shall not be issued by the Commissioner of Public Safety unless the application therefor has been approved by the attorney general, and that such approval shall be given only after a background investigation has been conducted on the applicant; and that the:

(1) applicant is not a convicted felon; and

(2) applicant does not have any mental disorder or any disease which may endanger the public if a license to possess arm(s) is issued to him; and

(3) applicant is not a member of any organization that advocates the overthrowing of the Government of American Samoa or that of the United States.

(c) A license shall be issued only for the ownership and possession of 12, 16, 20 and 410 gauge shotguns and shotgun shells and 22 caliber rifles and their ammunitions.

(d) Licenses issued prior to the enactment of subsection (c) remain valid. No additional licenses shall be issued for renewals of existing licenses provided in 46.4227 and transfers of arms validly licensed provided in 46.4229(b).

History: 1962, PL 7-13; 1990 PL 21-36; 1991 PL 22-8; amd 1999, PL 26-4.