46.5006 American Samoa human trafficking taskforce.

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Within one year, a territory wide task force shall be established under the Office of the Governor. This task force shall be headed by the Department of Homeland Security and shall comprise members from pertinent government agencies and nongovernment organizations to:
(1) Identify the scope of human trafficking in American Samoa.
(2) Establish a system for collecting and organizing data on human trafficking.
(3) Develop interagency procedures to collect, share, and organize data.
(4) Providing on-going evaluation on American Samoa’s progress against human trafficking.
(5) Develop response and training protocols.
(6) Identify potential assessment center where first responders can confidentially and safely conduct intakes of potential victims of human trafficking.
(7) Foster collaboration and consultation with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and other entities, to advance the purposes of this Act.
History: 2014, PL 33-12.