46.5008 Mandated reports of trafficking of a minor.

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(a) Any person specified in subsection (b) who has reasonable cause to know or suspect that a minor has been or is a victim of human trafficking shall immediately report or cause a report to be made of that fact to the Child Protection Agency, who immediately informs the Department of Public Safety.
(b) Persons required to report the human trafficking or circumstances or conditions includes any:
(1) physician or surgeon, including a physician in training;
(2) child health associate;
(3) medical examiner or coroner;
(4) dentist;
(5) osteopath;
(6) optometrist;
(7) chiropractor;
(8) chiropodist or podiatrist;
(9) registered nurse or licensed practical nurse;
(10) hospital personnel engaged in the admission, care, or treatment of patients;
(11) Christian science practitioner;
(12) school official or employee;
(13) social worker or worker in a family care home or child care center; and
(14) mental health professional.
(c) In addition to those persons specifically required by this section to report known or suspected trafficking of a minor, any other persons are urged and authorized to report known or suspected trafficking of a minor to the Department of Public Safety or the Child Protection Agency.
(d) Any person who willfully violates the provisions of subsection (a):
(1) commits a Class A misdemeanor; and
(2) is liable for those damages proximately caused.
History: 2014, PL 33-12.