47.0202 Uniform form required for petitions and orders – Required statements in petitions and orders – Duty of clerk to provide petitions and clerical assistance.

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(a) The Attorney General’s Office shall:

(1) Develop and adopt uniform form

s for petitions and orders for protection, including but not limited to such orders issued pursuant to divorce, custody, and other domestic relations hearings; and

(2) Provide the forms to the clerk of each court authorized to issue such orders.

(b) In addition to any other required information, the petition for an order for protection must contain a statement listing each civil or criminal action involving both parties.

(c) The following statements must be printed in bold face type or in capital letters on the order for protection:

(1) “Violations of this order may be punished by confinement in jail and by a fine”.

(2) “If so ordered by the court, the respondent is forbidden to enter or stay at the petitioner’s residence, even if invited to do so by the petitioner or any other person. In no event is the order for protection voided.”

(d) The clerk of the court or other designated person shall provide to a person requesting an order for protection:

(1) The forms adopted pursuant to subsection(a); and

(2) Clerical assistance in filling out the forms and filing the petition.

History: 2004, PL 28-16.