47.0302 Factors in determining custody and visitation.

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(a) In addition to other factors that a court must consider in a proceeding in which the custody of a child or visitation by a parent is at issue and in which the Court has made a finding of domestic or family violence:

(1) The Court shall consider as primary the safety and well being of the child and of the parent who is the victim of domestic or family violence.

(2) The Court shall consider the perpetrator?s history of causing physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or causing reasonable fear of physical harm, bodily injury, or assault, to another person.

(b) If a parent is absent or relocates because of an act of domestic or family violence by the other parent, the absence or relocation is not a factor that weighs against the parent in determining custody or visitation.

(c) In every proceeding in which there is at issue the modification of an order for custody or visitation of a child, the finding that domestic or family violence has occurred since the last custody determination constitutes a finding of a change of circumstances.

History: 2004, PL 28-16.