47.0401 Crime involving domestic or family violence defined.

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(a) A “crime involving domestic or family violence” occurs when a family or household member, as defined in section 47.0102(1), commits one or more of the following crimes against another family or household member:

(1) arson;

(2) assault and harassment;

(3) burglary, robbery, tampering;

(4) property damage;

(5) homicide offenses(murder and manslaughter, negligent homicide);

(6) kidnapping, felonious restraint, false imprisonment;

(7) sex offenses(rape, sexual assault, deviate sexual assault, sexual abuse, child molesting);

(8) stealing and related offenses;

(9) weapon law violations(unlawful use of weapons, possessing a defaced firearm, unlawfully transferring a weapon, unlawful possession of firearms and firearm ammunition);

(10) offenses against public order(disturbing public peace, disbursing private peace);

(11) family offenses(bigamy, incest, abandonment of child; criminal nonsupport, endangering the welfare of a child, abuse of a child);

(12) property damage and trespass; and

(13) any other crimes which the Attorney General deems relevant and necessary.

(b) The above criminal laws encompassing(a)(1)-(13) shall be enforced without regard to whether the persons involved are or were married, cohabiting, or involved in a relationship.

History: 2004, PL 28-16.