5.0304 Village Council meetings—Rules.

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The following rules shall apply at Village Council meetings:

(a) All present at the meeting may speak before the council.

(b) If any person causes any trouble in the meeting, or if there is any dispute as to who shall speak first, then the presiding chief shall direct and name the one who may speak first, and he shall point out the times when his counselors may speak.

(c) All persons attending the meeting must obey the presiding chief in matters concerning the council. If anyone is disobedient and is not orderly at the meetings, or does not show respect to the rulings of the presiding chief, or is turbulent or obstinate, the presiding chief may order the disturber to leave the council meeting. If he refuses to leave, the presiding chief shall call a policeman to take the offender from the council meeting, and shall report him to the police for punishment in accordance with law.

History: 1962, PL 7-28.