5.0305 Village regulations—Penalties— Enforcement.

(a) The village council of each village may enact village regulations concerning the cleanliness of the village, planting of the lands, making and cleaning of roads, and any other matters of a strictly local nature.

(b) Regulations enacted by a village council may not take effect until they have been approved by the Department of Samoan Affairs and have been proclaimed publicly and posted in writing by the pulenuu.

(c) The village council shall provide in the regulations the penalty to be imposed upon persons found guilty of violating the regulations. Penalties shall be limited to reasonable village work not to exceed 25 hours, or fines of money or property not to exceed $25 in amount or value, or both.

(d) No village regulation may conflict with the Constitution or laws of the United States or with the Constitution or laws of American Samoa.

(e) Neither the pulenuu or the village council may inflict punishment upon any offender. Any offender shall be taken before the proper court, and tried and punished in accordance with the law.

History: 1962, PL 7-28; 1969, PL 11-59.