6.0220 Changing register-Correction of errors.

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(a) The election officer shall correct the register if at any time it is manifest to him that the name of a person registered has been accidentally misspelled, or that he has been misnamed therein, or that he has been accidentally registered under the wrong district.

(b) In any case where the election officer refuses to correct the register, the person may appeal to the Board of Registration and the registration shall be changed upon a written order of the Board of Registration setting forth the reasons for the change. The order shall be directed to the election officer or to the district officials of the election district where the qualified elector is entitled to vote if the register has been closed. The district officials shall thereupon correct the list of qualified electors furnished them according to the terms of the order, noting on the list the reasons for the correction, and shall send the original order to the election officer as soon as may be possible after the close of the polls. The election officer upon receipt of any order from the Board of registration or from the district officials, as the case may be, shall correct the register according to the terms of the order, making on the register a reference to the order.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.