6.0602 Contents of ballot.

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(a) A ballot shall contain the names of the candidates, the offices for which they are running, and the district in which the election is being held. The name of the candidate may be printed with the Samoan or English equivalent or nickname, if the candidate so requests in writing at the time his nomination papers are filed. Candidates’ names, including the Samoan or English equivalent or nickname, shall be set on one line in as large type as the length of the majority of the names will permit. All candidates’ names must be in the same height of type face and style.

(b) In multirace districts, the ballot shall state that the qualified elector shall not vote for more than the number of seats available or the number of candidates listed where such number is less than the seats available.

(c) A ballot shall bear no word, motto, device, sign, or symbol other than allowed in this title.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.