6.0603 Form of ballot.

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The form of the ballot shall be determined by the Chief Election Officer. The names of the candidates shall be placed upon the ballot for their respective offices in alphabetical order. In the case of paper ballots or cards where the names of the candidates are printed and the qualified elector records his vote on the face of the ballot, the following format shall be used: A horizontal line shall be ruled between each candidate’s name and the next name. Immediately after all the names, on the right-hand side of the ballot, 2 vertical lines shall be ruled, so that in conjunction with the horizontal lines, a box shall be formed opposite each name and its equivalent, if any. The boxes shall be of sufficient size to give ample room in which to designate the choice of the qualified elector in the manner prescribed for the voting system in use. All of the names upon a ballot shall be placed at a uniform distance from the left-hand edge and close thereto, and shall be of uniform size and print subject to section 6.0602.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.