6.0701 Hours polls are open.

The polls shall be opened by the district officials at 6 a.m. of the election day and shall be kept open continuously until 6 p.m. of that day. If, at the closing hour of voting, any qualified elector desiring to vote is standing in line outside the entrance of the polls with the desire of entering and voting, but due to the polling place being overcrowded has been unable to do so, he shall be allowed to vote irrespective of the closing hour of voting. No qualified elector shall be permitted to enter or join the line after the prescribed hour for closing the polls. If all of the registered qualified electors of the district have cast their votes prior to the closing time, the polls may be closed earlier but the votes shall not be counted until after closing time unless allowed by the Chief Election Officer.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.