6.0707 Prohibited acts-Removal or exhibition of ballot.

(a) No person shall look at or ask to see the contents of the ballot of any qualified elector, except as provided in section 6.0709, nor shall any person within the polling place attempt to influence a qualified elector in regard to whom or what he shall vote for. When a qualified elector is in the voting booth for the purpose of marking or casting his ballot, no other person shall, except as provided in section 6.0709, be allowed to enter the booth or to be in a position from which he can observe how the qualified elector marks or casts his ballot.

(b) All elections of members of the House of Representatives shall be by secret ballot. At each polling place there shall be a voting shelf or compartment at which each voter can mark his ballot in complete privacy, and such other election supplies as are necessary.

(c) In those districts using paper ballots or cards, no person shall take a ballot out of the polling place. After voting, the qualified elector shall leave the voting booth and deliver his ballot to the district official in charge of the ballot boxes. The district official shall make certain that he has received the correct ballot and no other and then shall drop the ballot into the ballot box. If any person having received a ballot leaves the polling place without first delivering the ballot to the district official as provided above, or willfully exhibits his ballot, except as provided in section 6.0709 after the ballot has been marked, shall forfeit his right to vote, and the district officials shall cause a record to be made of the proceeding.

History: 1962, PL 7-28; amd 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.