6.0709 Assistance of illiterate or disabled.

(a) Any qualified elector who, by reason of illiteracy or blindness or other physical disability, is unable to mark his ballot, shall, if he so requests, receive the assistance of 2 district officials or of any qualified elector whom he may designate, in the marking thereof. Before rendering assistance or permitting assistance to be rendered, the district officials shall be satisfied that the physical disability exists. If a qualified elector with a physical disability finds it unduly burdensome for him to enter the polling place, he may be handed a ballot outside the polling place but within 100 feet thereof by the district officials and in their presence, but in a secret manner, mark and return it to the district officials.

(b) The district officials shall enter in writing in the record book the following:

(1) the qualified elector’s name;

(2) the fact that the qualified elector cannot read the names on the ballot, if that is the reason for requiring assistance, and otherwise, the specific physical disability which requires him to receive assistance; and

(3) the name or names of the person or persons furnishing the assistance.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.