6.0802 Method of counting.

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Immediately after the close of the polls, the district officials shall proceed to count the ballots in the manner as designated by the Chief Election Officer. For each election, the Chief Election Officer shall designate either that the ballot boxes be sealed and forwarded to a central polling place for counting, or that the ballots be counted at the individual polling places. In either case, the ballots shall be counted as follows:

(a) The whole number of ballots shall first be counted to see if their number corresponds with the number of ballots cast as recorded by the district officials.

(b) If the number of ballots corresponds with the number of persons recorded by the district officials as having voted, the election officials shall then proceed to count the vote cast for each candidate.

(c) If there are more ballots or less ballots than the record calls for, the election officials shall proceed under section 6.0803.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1; amd 2002, PL 27-31.