6.0902 Contests for cause-Generally.

With respect to any election, any candidate or any 30 qualified electors of the representative district, in case of elections for representatives, and in territory-wide elections any 300 qualified electors may file a complaint in the High Court.

The complaint shall set forth any cause or causes, including but not limited to: provable fraud, overages, or underages, that could cause a difference in the election result. The complaint shall also set forth any reasons for reversing, correcting, or changing the decisions of the district or election officials.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1.

Case Notes:

Sections 6.0223, 6.0224, 6.0230, 6.0902, and 6.0903 provide separate and unrelated remedies to complaints concerning the election process. Dole v. Attorney General. ASR (1978).