6.1002 Election expenses.

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(a) All expenses, including expenses attributable to registration of qualified electors by the election officials for Territorial elections conducted in any district, shall be borne by the government and paid out of those appropriations as may be made by the Legislature for election purposes, under the budget of the election office.

(b) Expenses in elections shall be borne by the government as follows:

(1) election officials;

(2) instruction of election officials;

(3) Board of Registration;

(4) polling place costs including supplies, installation, rentals, ballot boxes, voting booths, custodians, telephones, and maintenance;

(5) other equipment such as ballot transport containers;

(6) temporary election clerks;

(7) extraordinary qualified elector registration costs;

(8) normal qualified elector registration, qualified electors’ list maintenance;

(9) maintenance of existing voting machines, if any, including parts, freight, storage, programming, and personnel;

(10) all printing, including ballots; and

(11) all other costs relating to the operation of voting machines, electronic voting systems, and other voting systems, to include but not be limited to real property rentals, equipment rentals, personnel, mileage, telephones, supplies, publicity, computer programming, and freight.

(c) The responsibility for supervising the above functions shall be determined by the Chief Election Officer.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1; 1985, PL 19-31 § 5.

Amendments: 1985 Subsection (a) deleted Attorney Gcnera1’s and added “the” and “of the election office”.